Adults 50+ Ministries


There is no doubt that adults 50+ are the most powerful consumers in the marketplace. There are currently 110 million people in the US who are 50 and older – and 1.7 million of them live in Alabama. That means over 30% of our population are 50+.

At Trinity, we have an active ministry for those 50 and older. Monthly programs and activities vary widely:

  • – hearing interesting speakers
  • – traveling on both day and overnight trips to unique sites
  • – trying new restaurants together
  • – attending cultural and special events
  • – participating in service and mission opportunities
  • – taking walking tours and exercise classes
  • – and caring for others as well as ourselves

All while growing mental, physically and spiritually. COME JOIN US!

Upcoming Events

May 20 • Mars
Noon on Zoom OR meet in person in Oxmoor Fellowship Hall

Come learn about the fascinating Mars exploration from a true rocket scientist. Hilary L. Justh will focus on the Mars 2020 Mission (Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity Mars Helicopter).
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May 22 • Cahaba Lily Walk
9:45 AM – Meet at the McDonald’s near the Galleria (will leave at 10 AM)

Please come with us to see the largest display of blooming Cahaba lilies in the world –  acres and acres of them spread out over the water in the Cahaba river. These lilies are a sight to behold!

The hike is about five miles round trip. Rated easy. Wear sturdy footwear you don’t mind getting wet and dirty. You’ll want to put on your river shoes so you can walk out into the shallow parts of the river to stroll through and touch the lilies which grow only in the water. Bare feet, flip-flops, slip-ons and thin-soled “beach shoes” are not acceptable! You may wear your sturdy river shoes for the entire trip if you like. Please bring picnic lunch and your drink. Hiking poles are strongly recommended to provide additional stability when wading in the river.

We plan to depart from the McDonald’s near the Galleria at 10:00 AM. Dan Frederick of Southeastern Outings will be our guide.
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May 25 • Gifts Academy: Starting a Small Business
5:30 PM on Zoom

Have you ever thought about turning a hobby into a side gig? Hear Katherine Zobre, Business Advisor with the Alabama Small Business Development Network, share tips on starting your own small business.
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June 2 • Bingo
Noon, Trinity West Fellowship Hall

Come join us for a mask-wearing good time. Don’t forget the fabulous prizes! Lunch will be served ($6)!
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June 11 • Intro to Mahjong
11:00 AM, Oxmoor Fellowship Hall

Mahjong is a tile-based game that was developed in the 19th century in China and has spread throughout the world since the early 20th century. It is commonly played by four players. Similar to the card game rummy, Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy, and luck. Come learn the basics from experienced players Chela Colvin and Sylvia Ricker.
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June 15 • Pacesetters Luncheon: Genealogy 101
11:30 AM, Oxmoor Fellowship Hall

Paul Boncella, PhD, Book and Map Conservator at the Birmingham Public Library, will lead us in a discussion on genealogy. Where to start? Questions to ask? Resources available? He can help. Our own Amy Lewis will also be on hand to share her personal journey into genealogy. Lunch is $6.
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June 17 • Vulcan Park & Museum
Vans leave Trinity lot at 9:30 AM

Come join the docent-led tour of the museum at Vulcan Park and travel up the big guy to experience incredible views of our city. We will have boxed lunches at the park. ($16 for lunch & tour)
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June 22 • Niki’s West & Farmer’s Market
Vans leave Trinity lot at 11:00 AM

Lunch Bunch is back. We will dine at Birmingham’s famous Niki’s West, then visit the Farmer’s Market for summer goodies – all Dutch treat.
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For more information, contact Julie Wright, Director of 50+ Ministries, by email or by phone at 205-879-1737.