Adults 50+ Ministries


There is no doubt that adults 50+ are the most powerful consumers in the marketplace. There are currently 110 million people in the US who are 50 and older – and 1.7 million of them live in Alabama. That means over 30% of our population are 50+.

At Trinity, we have an active ministry for those 50 and older. Monthly programs and activities vary widely:

  • – hearing interesting speakers
  • – traveling on both day and overnight trips to unique sites
  • – trying new restaurants together
  • – attending cultural and special events
  • – participating in service and mission opportunities
  • – taking walking tours and exercise classes
  • – and caring for others as well as ourselves

All while growing mental, physically and spiritually. COME JOIN US!

Upcoming Events

March 18 • Gifts Academy: What Happened With Game Stop?
5:30 pm on Zoom

You heard about it on the news. What is a short sale? What do hedge fund managers do? What does it mean to me? Come learn from Trinity member Neil Campbell with Horizon Consultants.

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March 23 • To the Glory of God: Great Cathedrals of the World
Noon on Zoom

Niki Sepsas will give us a look at some of the most famous and most inspiring cathedrals around our world.

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April 7 • Bingo
Noon at Trinity West Homewood

Come join us for a mask-wearing good time of bingo and fellowship at the Trinity West Homewood Fellowship Hall on Wednesday, April 7 at 12:00 noon. Don’t forget the fabulous prizes! There will be no lunch served.To make a reservation, click here.


April 14 • Growing Your Own Food
Noon on Zoom

Master Gardener Karen Mitchell presents a great program for new gardeners and pros. We will tackle the key components to successful vegetable gardening whether you have space in a yard, patio or balcony.

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April 16 • Downtown Homewood Strolling Tour
10 AM in front of Trak Shak in Homewood

Meredith Drennen, Executive Director of the Homewood Chamber of Commerce, will lead us on a brief 30-minute walking tour around downtown Homewood. The tour will highlight history, current projects, and things to come. Don’t miss this opportunity for some outdoor fellowship. Weather permitting.

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April 19 • Gifts Academy: Trends in Medicare
5:30 PM on Zoom

Alan Duke, Territory Marketing Representative with VIVA Health, Inc. in Birmingham, will be speaking about basic Medicare education that will cover some topics of interest such as the “Donut Hole”, different types of Medicare insurance products, and changes in the Medicare system the past year.

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For more information, contact Julie Wright, Director of 50+ Ministries, by email or by phone at 205-879-1737.