August 21, 2012

Aug 21, 2012

On Sunday I shared a story about Pablo Casals, perhaps the greatest cellist ever to play.  When someone asked him while he was still practicing up to four hours a day when he was in his 90’s, he replied, “Because I think I am making some progress.” I hope I have that same spirit of openness to growth when I am that age.

Part of our mission statement here at Trinity is to help people GROW in Christ. The Christian life is a lifelong journey of growing in grace. Being saved in our understanding is a process.

Some ways this growth happens:

1) Practical learning – through Bible study and other studies that aim at life transformation and application.
2) Relationships – all of us have key persons who have influenced us in life. Finding a group, a spiritual friend, or a mentor is a way our journey is nurtured.
3) Private disciples – particularly the disciple in prayer as well as the public discipline of worship.
4) Personal ministry – living one’s faith out in service.

At Trinity all of these avenues of growth are available. Now is a good time to make your growth plan for this year.

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