Fasting Instructions

Mar 7, 2014


Guide to Fasting


1) Schedule your fasting. If you are not accustomed to it, consider eating a heavier meal prior to fasting.

2) Read through Matthew 6:1-4, 16-18, 25-34.

3) In the place of the time you would have spent eating, locate a space with limited distractions, and spend that time in silent meditation, reading scripture and prayer for yourself and others.

3) Take the money you would have spent on the meal and set it aside for our Lenten offering that will offer help feed the hungry.

5) Allow your hunger pangs to remind you to pause and offer a prayer that you would hunger and thirst after God’s righteousness.

Lent and Easter 2014

Feb 26, 2014

7:00 PM – Service of Holy Communion, Sanctuary
Nursery is provided.

GOOD FRIDAY – April 18
-2:00 PM – Homewood Community  “Way of the Cross” Procession. [Begins at Homewood Park]
-7:00 PM – Service of DARKNESS, Sanctuary
Scripture, prayers, liturgy and special music by the Sanctuary Choir and Trinity Orchestra.
Free Valet Parking Available
Nursery is provided.


April 20th

8:30, 9:45 & 11:00 AM
in the Sanctuary led by Dr. Andrew Wolfe with Trinity Choirs and Orchestra

8:30, 9:45 & 11:00 AM
in Wesley Hall led by Rev. Nathan Carden with the CONTACT Band

6:30 AM
Homewood Park (Wesley Hall in case of rain) led by Trinity’s youth
Breakfast will follow the service in the Fellowship Hall


Lenten Offering
Through Trinity’s Lenten Offering, we have the opportunity to reflect God’s love by making a sacrificial offering for others. This offering goes to support ministries beyond the walls of Trinity. These outreach ministries touch the lives of children, the poor, the elderly, the homeless and people in other countries or in disaster situations. Your Lenten Offering can be made at any time during Lent by using the special Lenten envelopes found in the pews. You may also make your donation securely online, please click below.

New Year, New Energy! Four great ideas to bring new energy to your group!

Feb 6, 2014

1.       Try a “Sabbath moment” Looking for a stand alone session? Ask a minister or your sunday school class leader to lead a “sabbath” where you just pray for one another. A lot of times our Bible discussions go too long and our pray times become too short as a result. Taking one or two sessions just to pray for members one at a time, listening to God for them, blessing them and lifting their lives and their needs to God. You can go one by one around the room hearing and lifting up prayers. There is no hurry and when you are done and that person is thoroughly encouraged, you move to the next person. You can also break off into groups of 3 or 4 and pray for each other in smaller groups.  You can tell guests that they can participate or pass, but most likely you won’t have a small group member or guest pass up this opportunity for personal prayer and blessings.

2.      Reach out. Do something as a group to show Jesus’ love to others. Go to a nursing home. Help at a homeless shelter. Or serve through one of the outreach ministries Trinity is involved with. Probably there are people in your group with a passion for helping a certain group of people or ministry. Maybe you could join them in an outreach that corresponds to their heart and calling. Contact Brittany Arias or Nathan Carden for more information and help on coordinating an outreach event for your group!

3.       Invite a guest speaker like someone on staff over a certain area of Trinity, Pastor RG Lyons from Community Church Without Walls in the West End, Al and Passion Lewis, or Melissa Self Patrick from Urban Ministry.

4.       Throw a sunday school group party and invite new people to visit. Just turn one of your regular Sunday Mornings into a brunch with games. You can also turn another night during the week into a party. Do a game night or picnic, or go bowling, mini-golfing or to a ball game together. One thing to keep in mind is that besides building relationships between members, parties can provide a wonderful opportunity for outreach. Make a list of friends, new church members or visitors, neighbors, co-workers and family that you’d like in your group – then invite them.

Free and Fun Relationship Workshop!

Jan 1, 2014

No matter where you are in your relationship- dating, engaged, married, in the dumps, on a high- why not make it better? And why not make it better for FREE? What’s more, why not make it better for $50 in gift cards and a free meal?

If this sounds right up your and your significant other’s alley, join us for a fun relationship workshop, led by the fine folks at Impact Family Counseling. The workshop will be held on February 15th (a nice follow-up to Valentine’s Day, eh?) from 9AM-3PM in the fellowship hall.  Nursery care will be available. For more information, see the flyer here:  IFCrelationshipseminar, or visit the Impact Family Counseling webpage. To register, contact Rev. Drew Holland at 879-1737 or visit

New Sunday School for College/Post-Grad

Dec 30, 2013
Are you waiting for graduation? Waiting for a new relationship? Waiting for a job offer? Young adulthood can be a frustrating cycle of waiting and transition – is it possible that our itching desire for “real life” to begin, we neglect opportunities for God to help us grow in our faith? 
For young adults ages 18-30 – Join us for coffee and conversation!
Sundays @ 10a in Wesley Hall – January 12-February 9
For questions, contact Kameron Carden at

JOY Thanksgiving Week

Nov 26, 2013



  • Deliver an uncooked Turkey to Firehouse Shelter (1501 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203) to be cooked and served on Thanksgiving.
  • Serve a meal at Firehouse Shelter  (Nov. 30 at 4PM)
  • Serve a Thanksgiving meal at Urban ministry (6 adults are needed Wednesday, 11/27 from 11:30-1:30)
  • Pay for a Thanksgiving meal for as little as $1.95 (Give online here).



  • Bake yummy treats, bag them, and deliver to the church so that our pastors can deliver them to Homebound Trinity members as well as Trinity members in the hospital. Please deliver treats in bags to Trinity UMC front office.
  • Donate used toys, linens, and furniture to the Community Furniture Bank (tax donation).
  • Talk to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family and see if they have a used laptop to donate to the Community Church Without Walls (tax donation) for some individuals in pursuit of higher education. They are in need of 12 laptops.
  • Pick up on Sunday (Welcome Center in the main Narthex & Guest Desk in Wesley Hall) a “JOY tag sheet” and decorate it. Return by Dec. 8. These tags will be handed out with Angel Tree gifts bringing joy to the families receiving gifts.
  • Wrap presents at Brookwood Mall for Family Promise of Birmingham. Trinity’s day is December 7th 9AM-9PM, outside of Macy’s contact Jamie Fitzwater at 441-4062 if interested.

JOY (Joyfully Offering Yourself) in Serving

Nov 13, 2013

What is JOY in Serving?

JOY (Joyfully Offering Yourself) in Serving is Trinity’s holiday mission program. JOY is a season of giving and serving and many of the opportunities available connect directly to one of Trinity’s Mission Ministries that you can continue to serve with throughout the year. The JOY opportunities below prived entry-level serving opportunities through our ministry partners. We encourage you to find one that best suites you, your family, and your schedule and pray about continuing to serve these ministries year-round.


  • Sign up to serve food for one of the Thanksgiving meals that will be served at Jimmie Hale Mission to those in the community  (Thanksgiving Eve, 5PM, Thanksgiving Day 10AM, 12PM, and 5PM).
  • Pay for a Thanksgiving meal for as little as $1.95 (Give online here).
  • Serve a meal at Firehouse Shelter  (Nov. 30 at 4PM and Nov. 29 at 11:30 AM).
  • Sweet Potato Crop Drop THIS Saturday, November 16th starting at 9AM. (This is part of the Community Food Bank’s Produce in Pantries program distributing over 430,000 lbs of nutritious produce across central Alabama in 2013).


  • Bake yummy treats for Homebound Trinity members and Trinity members in the hospital.
  • Choose a tag off the Angel tree and shop for Christmas gifts for children. This year all of our families are from the West End where we are involved with Urban Kids, Community Church Without Walls, and the Community Garden.
  • Donate used toys, linens, furniture to the Community Furniture Bank (tax donation).
  • Talk to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family and see if they have an used laptop to donate to the Community Church Without Walls (tax donation) for some individuals in pursuit of higher education. They are in need of  12 laptops.


To volunteer at one or all of these ministries and to learn more information about these great opportunities to serve, contact Brittany Arias at

*Check back for additional serving and giving opportunities to be posted each week throughout the JOY season.

Young Adult Small Group Fall Study Begins 8/27

Aug 27, 2013

All young adults in their late-20’s/30’s are invited to attend our new Tuesday evening study of Gospel in Life by Tim Keller. Each study will feature free food (donations accepted), in-depth conversation, and meaningful new friendships. Dinner is served at 6:30PM in the small dining room (1st floor by the fellowship hall), with the study to follow. Rev. Drew Holland will lead our first session on August 27th. Contact Lindsay Hembree for more information. We look forward to seeing you there!

Homewood Way of the Cross Processional

Mar 29, 2013

On Friday, March 29th, the churches of Homewood will participate in a Good Friday processional, beginning at Homewood Central Park and ending at Edgewood Presbyterian. Join us as we march to the “stations of the cross” in various spots across our city. The processional begins at 2PM and will end around 3PM. Van service will be available to return to Homewood Central Park after the processional.

September 17, 2012

Sep 17, 2012

LD Tyson was one of those Methodist preachers I looked up to when I was a young preacher myself! After he retired, he served on the staff at Vestavia UMC, where I was an associate right out of seminary. At every Administrative Board meeting, he told a joke. In fact, I think some people came to board meetings not to hear the finance report, or learn what the trustees were working on – they came to hear LD’s joke!

A sense of humor is an important thing to have. In his book, Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins told about how he laughed himself well. Cousins had been diagnosed with a degenerative disease for which there was no known cure. The doctors told him there was nothing that could be done. Refusing to accept that diagnosis, Cousins had a friend bring in a movie projector, screen and reels of films, all of them comedies. (This was before the days of VCR, etc). He used the films as part of his therapy. Day after day, he would laugh until he was crying. After a while, something strange began to happen, the symptoms of his disease began to regress. Cousins laughed himself well. Laughter is good medicine.

Laughter can be a form of “whistling past a graveyard.” It is a way we deal with our fears and anxieties. Harvey Mindess writes that “Those topics we laugh at most heartily are all, in some way, sources of anxiety or discomfort, but as we laugh at them our anxiety lessens and our discomfort decreases.” Humor, he concludes, is therapeutic.  It helps us to get through the stressful times of our lives.

When God told Abraham, who was 99, that his wife Sarah, who was 90, would have a son born to them, Abraham laughed. It seems that even God enjoys a good joke.