Discovery Middle School Weekend

Discovery Weekend is a Middle School retreat, hosted and held at Trinity United Methodist Church on March 4-6. At Discovery, your relationship with God is the focus. This is why we worship in new and creative ways that help you examine your life and understand the depth of God’s love. It’s a weekend where you are not only encouraged to be YOU, but where you might find out more than you ever knew about who you REALLY are!

It’s a jam-packed weekend full of games, small groups, incredible worship, funny videos, skits, DJs, great eats, messages from High School Seniors, and so much more. Parents, don’t worry though, this is NOT a lock-in. We want your students to get as much rest during Discovery as possible so that they can fully participate and share in the weekend!

Register online by clicking here!

Start Date: March 04, 2022

End Date: March 06, 2022