Giving at Trinity



A note from Pastor Brian

Of all the things Jesus tells his disciples to pray for, Jesus says we should simply ask for “enough.” For daily bread. Enough for this day, knowing that God will also be faithful tomorrow, just like God was faithful yesterday.

It goes without saying, this year has been like nothing that any of us have experienced in our lifetimes. So much of what makes church feel like church to me has been missing, and there have been moments where it felt like there wouldn’t be enough.

But of all the lessons I’ve learned in this season, the one that I know will stick with me is about the faithfulness of God, and the faithfulness of God’s people who make up this Trinity family. The Bible is full of stories where someone thinks they don’t have enough, but then God shows up. It’s in our lack, in our weakness, that God’s power is most visible. In the absence of so many things I treasure, God has given us more than enough.

As we pray over our financial tithes and offerings for this coming year, I encourage you to do so with a heart grounded in God’s goodness and provision, giving thanks for daily bread. For when our hearts are open to Him, there will always be enough.

In Christ,
Rev. Brian Erickson