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Kids Summer Camps, VBS, & Activities – Sign up today!

Mar 18, 2015

Vacation Bible School is July 13-16

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Get your Advent Chain Calendar!

Nov 26, 2014

advent-chain-tabloid We are busy people, and our calendars get even more crowded during the Holidays. This Advent, we would like to offer you an easy but meaningful way to build excitement in your home for the arrival of the Christ child. Better yet, we want to help you connect your faith practice at home with the things we will experience during worship.

This Advent we hope you will pick up one of the little brown bags in the Narthex, outside the Haven, the Ark or in the Elementary Hallway.  Inside you will find links for a garland or paper chain for your household to build over the coming days. Add a ring each day. Look up the Bible passage and learn more about the name of Jesus being shared.

Imagine how that name perfectly describes whom the Christ child will be.  Use that name of Jesus as you pray as a family that day.  It is a simple reminder that we are counting the days until a baby’s birth that will change the world.  Join us on this journey of anticipation and hope this Advent.

Pick Up Yours in the Narthexes and The Ark!

New Year, New Energy! Four great ideas to bring new energy to your group!

Feb 6, 2014

1.       Try a “Sabbath moment” Looking for a stand alone session? Ask a minister or your sunday school class leader to lead a “sabbath” where you just pray for one another. A lot of times our Bible discussions go too long and our pray times become too short as a result. Taking one or two sessions just to pray for members one at a time, listening to God for them, blessing them and lifting their lives and their needs to God. You can go one by one around the room hearing and lifting up prayers. There is no hurry and when you are done and that person is thoroughly encouraged, you move to the next person. You can also break off into groups of 3 or 4 and pray for each other in smaller groups.  You can tell guests that they can participate or pass, but most likely you won’t have a small group member or guest pass up this opportunity for personal prayer and blessings.

2.      Reach out. Do something as a group to show Jesus’ love to others. Go to a nursing home. Help at a homeless shelter. Or serve through one of the outreach ministries Trinity is involved with. Probably there are people in your group with a passion for helping a certain group of people or ministry. Maybe you could join them in an outreach that corresponds to their heart and calling. Contact Brittany Arias or Nathan Carden for more information and help on coordinating an outreach event for your group!

3.       Invite a guest speaker like someone on staff over a certain area of Trinity, Pastor RG Lyons from Community Church Without Walls in the West End, Al and Passion Lewis, or Melissa Self Patrick from Urban Ministry.

4.       Throw a sunday school group party and invite new people to visit. Just turn one of your regular Sunday Mornings into a brunch with games. You can also turn another night during the week into a party. Do a game night or picnic, or go bowling, mini-golfing or to a ball game together. One thing to keep in mind is that besides building relationships between members, parties can provide a wonderful opportunity for outreach. Make a list of friends, new church members or visitors, neighbors, co-workers and family that you’d like in your group – then invite them.