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TCDC Giftwrap Fundraiser

Sep 28, 2012

Trinity Child Development Center Announces Fall Fundraiser – TCDC is currently selling Innisbrook Wraps, including wrapping paper, chocolates, magazines and gifts. Please consider purchasing from this sale to support our pre-school and day care programs. Information is available outside of the ARK. You can also purchase online at (Enter School Number: 104498)

The deadline for orders is September 28. Questions? Contact Todd Jackson at

What forms will my child need to have on file in order to begin attending TCDC?

Jul 17, 2012

Maintaining accurate, current information about each child enrolled is vital to ensuring your child’s health and safety while at TCDC. Please help us prepare for your child’s arrival by providing the following forms for your child’s file:

(1) Preadmission Form (update as needed)
(2) School Cast Parent Notification Form (update as needed)
(3) Current State of Alabama Certificate of Immunization (“Blue Form” – update when expired)

We prefer to receive these forms 30 days before your child will begin attending TCDC. All forms MUST be on file prior to your child’s first day of attendance. They can be brought to the TCDC office or mailed to TCDC at 1400 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL 35209.

Your child’s Preadmission Form and School Cast Parent Notification Form will be valid for the entire time your child attends TCDC, and may be updated as needed at any time. Changes or updates to these forms must be provided to the office in writing and must include the date of the change and the signature of a parent or guardian. These forms are available on our website: TCDC Forms

In accordance with Alabama state law, each child enrolled at TCDC must be adequately immunized and have an original, valid, current Blue Form on file at all times. Blue Forms are available from your child’s pediatrician or the Health Department. Blue Forms expire periodically as children are due for additional immunizations or examinations. You will be notified by the TCDC office when your child’s Blue Form is due to expire so that you can provide an updated one. Your child’s Blue Form can be returned to you upon request on your child’s last day of attendance at TCDC.

Please contact Kim Wood or Sharon Holloway in the TCDC office at 879-1749 if you have any questions at all about completing the forms necessary for your child’s file.

Frequently Asked Questions about TCDC Registration

Dec 7, 2011

Q. Do I have to register my child for next year?
A. Yes! Registration does not carry over from year-to-year. The waiting list does not carry over, either. You must register your child for each year that you would like for your child to attend TCDC.

Q. How do I register my child for TCDC?
A. Complete and return to the TCDC office a 2012-2013 registration form along with a check for the $125.00 registration fee. Contracts for the 2012-2013 school year will be mailed by February 24, 2012 to all registered students for whom we have a place. Students for whom we do not have a place will remain on a waiting list and their parents will be notified. Signed contracts and supply fees should be returned to the school office before March 26, 2012. Your child’s enrollment is not complete until both the signed contract and supply fee have been returned to TCDC.

Q. When can I register my child?
A. On Wednesday, December 7, 2011, registration begins for children currently enrolled in TCDC who will be returning to the same program (Extended-care or Kindergarten-only) in Fall 2012. On Wednesday, December 14, 2011, registration begins for children currently enrolled in one of Trinity’s weekday programs who would like to change programs (from Extended-care to Kindergarten-only, From PDO to TCDC, etc.). Registration also begins on December 14 for all siblings of currently enrolled children. On Wednesday, January 11, 2012, registration begins for Trinity members who do not currently have a child enrolled in one of Trinity’s weekday programs. On Wednesday, January 25, 2012, registration opens to the community.

Q. What time does registration start?
A. Registration begins when TCDC opens at 7:00 each morning.

Q. Will people be waiting in line on registration day?
A. Probably. Children who are currently enrolled in TCDC and are returning to the same program are guaranteed a spot as long as they register before December 14th. After that, as always, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Some classes fill up faster than others. There usually are several people waiting in line at 7:00 am on the first day of each stage of registration.

Q. Can I turn my registration form in early?
A. No. You cannot register until 7:00 am on the morning your child is eligible for registration. If we receive your form early we will attempt to return it to you. If we cannot return the form we will hold it until the end of the day on which you were eligible to register.

Q. How does the waiting list work?
A. If the class for which you registered your child is already full then your child will be placed on the waiting list for that class. We hold your check for the registration fee with your child’s registration form. When an opening occurs we notify families on the waiting list one at a time until someone accepts the opening for their child. If you are contacted from the waiting list about an opening for your child, and you accept the spot, then we cash your check for the registration fee and mail you a contract.

Q. Does anyone ever get a spot from the waiting list?
A. Yes! Every year we are able to place children from the waiting list into classes. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you which classes will have openings or when they will become available. It’s different every year.