January 15, 2013

Jan 15, 2013


Sunday’s Confirmation Service was one of those special moments at Trinity. The sanctuary was filled with families and friends as 68 young people made their profession of faith in Christ, were confirmed and were received into the membership of this church. There was something special in their faces as they kneeled to be confirmed – a look of hope, expectation, openness, even eagerness to be a part of the body of Christ.

This was our largest Confirmation class ever at Trinity.  It “took a village” of servant volunteers under the leadership of Rev. Suzanne Pruitt to make this a life shaping process.  This year we have actually had students of non-members go through confirmation – and parents following the example of their children have become a part of this church.

This is one of many areas where our ministry has grown significantly. I have shared several of those “numbers” with you, but again I want to say thank you for being a part of all that God does through this church.  I think we all take pride in the excellence of everything that we do at Trinity.  This church is amazing in the scope of its ministry in this community and around the world.

I also want to share that if we are to continue to be able to be in ministry in this way – it takes the financial support of all of us. The expense for this year’s Confirmation class was more than double that of last year – simply because of the numbers involved. The same is true for other ministries such as VBS, Element Student Ministry and Music Ministry.

I tell you this because you need to know that while we grew ministry at an incredible rate in 2012, at year’s end our giving as a percentage of budget was less than it has been in ten years. In order to be faithful stewards, we build our budget on the basis of what each of us commit. As we move to adopt our Ministry Budget for this year, we currently have received about 25 less commitments than last year. We all need to be aware that this will have an impact on our ability to be able to continue to grow ministry. This is information that I think all of us need to know.

I know in the business of life, we often simply overlook and lay things aside thinking we will get back to them later. If you have not yet taken the opportunity to make your commitment of giving for this year, you may still do so by calling Ann Neptune at 879-1737, or online at
The 2013 Ministry Budget will be presented at our Board meeting next Monday evening.

Thank you for your faithfulness!  I look forward to this being a great year of ministry.

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