January 29, 2013

Jan 28, 2013

If you were to walk into the Sanctuary on a Saturday morning, you would find a group of ladies (and a guy every now and then) creating the flower arrangement on the altar.  There are about 30 of these servant ministers who do all of our flower arrangements.

If you walk the children’s halls on Sunday morning during the Sunday School hour and peek into a room, you will find servant volunteers teaching our children.  It takes a team of about 85 adults to do this.

If you wander into the church office during the week, you are likely to find a servant volunteer entering attendance into the computer or stuffing bulletins.

On any given week, a team from Trinity is serving meals at the Firehouse Shelter or the Church of the Reconciler downtown.

Trinity is blessed with wonderful lay servant leadership. It is what makes this church vital. Our goal at Trinity is for every member to be in ministry. We believe that all of us are gifted by God and are called by God to use those gifts in some area of ministry. The Christian life is not a spectator sport! We all are a part of the team, out on the field, doing our part.

This Sunday, February 3 is CONNECT SUNDAY.  
You have received in the mail a copy of Connect magazine which lists dozens of areas of ministry. In the center of the magazine is a card for each of us to sign up for some area of ministry.  Please take some time to look through the magazine this week. Bring your Time & Talent card with you on Sunday to dedicate during any of our worship services.

You may also submit your Time & Talent card online at

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