March 12, 2013

Mar 11, 2013

I received a letter recently from a young mother who lives in Homewood with her three daughters. Her youngest daughter was born with Down Syndrome which presented challenges for her family.  The daughter was enrolled in Trinity’s Special Class for two years.

She was writing to thank the church for all it had done for her family. Over the past two years one of our adult Sunday School Classes has reached out to this family. They helped her to find a house, and after moving in, members of the class cleaned and helped to decorate the daughter’s room. They provided Christmas gifts for the family and they continue to check on her.

This mother writes, “It is a testimony to the faithfulness of your congregation to have such loving, ministering people that are providing outreach to the community.  I am thankful for God’s provision through the members of His body.”

This is one of many, many stories that could be told about the ways Trinity, through the efforts of individuals and groups, is involved in outreach ministry.  From feeding the homeless at the Firehouse Shelter, to sending cards to homebound members, or helping to construct a camp in Panama – you are the Body of Christ bearing witness to His mission of transformation.  You are making a difference.

I remind you that our Lenten Offering is one of the primary ways that we provide financial support to our ministry of outreach. Last year at Trinity, more than 17% of our total giving went to mission and outreach beyond our own walls.  That is many times the national average for churches.

Let me encourage you to be generous in your giving to our LENTEN OFFERING.
It helps make possible the stories like the one above.

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