Donation Guidelines

Donation Locations

Items can be dropped off at the Outreach Hub, located at our Trinity West Homewood campus (914 Oak Grove Rd., Homewood, AL 35209). There are drop off signs directed under the portico on the left side of the building where items can be placed on racks.

Donation Guidlines

Donation Center Hours
Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 12:00pm

Items we CAN accept

  • In-season adult and children clothes (washed/cleaned)
  • Adult and children shoes (washed/cleaned)
  • New underwear and socks
  • Games, toys, and books
  • Housewares: plates, cups, kitchen utensils, lamps
  • Small appliances
  • Baby equipment (clean/unbroken)
  • Hand tools and small power tools
  • Linens, sheets, towels, etc.
  • Children’s car seats (clean/undamaged)

Items we CANNOT accept

  • Furniture, cribs, and mattresses
  • Computers/laptops, TVs, and other electronic items
  • Suits and formal attire
  • Out of season clothing/shoes
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Large exercise equipment
  • Pianos or organs
  • Household chemical products
  • Building materials and fixtures
  • Household decorations

Amazon Wish List

We need help restocking the shelves for the families and individuals that visit our Outreach Hub on the West Homewood campus. There are so many different items needed, so one way to help communicate the current need was to create an Amazon Wish List that allows you to make a quick purchase and have the items sent directly to the Hub. Check it out and make a donation today!