Contemporary Worship Team

Thank you for your interest in joining the Contemporary Worship and Arts ministry! We are a family of believers in Jesus Christ that empowers our community to embrace the Holy Spirit through our praise, worship, and adoration of the Lord in a multitude of mediums. The ministry currently has three primary roles for volunteers. Whether you make a beautiful sound or a joyful noise, we have a place for you.


Musicians use their gifts with instruments to set the music al foundation for praise and worship. The staples of the Contact Worship Team include acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, and drums. If you play something else, let us know! We are planning new opportunities which may allow for wider ranges of instruments to be featured.


Singers interact with and lead the congregation in praise and worship through energetic, impassioned use of their vocal gifts. The Contact Worship Team has opportunities for all skill levels and vocal ranges.

Vision Implementation Partner (VIP)

VIPs provide behind-the-scenes support to allow the Contact Worship Team to bring their all. Responsibilities can include setup/teardown, preparing lyrics for the monitors, running lyrics during rehearsals, and providing general assistance on Sunday mornings.

Please provide us with the below contact information as well as the roles in which you are interested in exploring. We can’t wait to hear from you!