Missions & Outreach

Cross Training

An after-school program in the gym on Wednesdays, 3:00 – 5:00 PM during the school year.

Cross & Flame Choir Tour

The Cross & Flame choir (link to music section) hits the road once a year, and sings not only in other churches but also at major league baseball games! They rehearse on Sundays at 5:00 PM.

Secret Service

Local Missions with a twist.  Come to Trinity UMC for this event and you have the opportunity to serve others in the Birmingham area.  The twist or “secret” is that you do not know what or where you are going to serve.  Just know that you are doing good works for God.


SOS is our summer mission trip for our High School students.  For one week during the summer we load up the vans and head to Memphis, TN for a week of service.  Mission work can include roof work, painting, major and minor structural work to houses in the Memphis area.  This trip is loads of fun and a great way to serve others.

Upper Sand Mountain Parish

Upper Sand Mountain Parish is our Middle School mission retreat.  For 4 days we head to north Alabama to serve the people in the Upper Sand mountain region.  Through minor house work, painting, yard work and Backyard Bible School this retreat can be life changing for the students as well as the people we serve.