The Fridge

What do we put on the outside of our refrigerator? Typically, the things that we are proud of…right? Whether it is your child’s good test score, an A+ on a paper, or even a family photo where everyone actually looks happy…the outside of our refrigerators are covered with good things, but the real stuff is on the inside.

This is similar to our life. On the outside, your family might look like you have it all together. But every one of us knows that we have struggles inside the home. Our hope is that a new ministry, The Fridge, will help parents and their families come together to help grow their students in relationship with Christ.

On the first Sunday night of every month from 5 – 6 PM, every parent is encouraged to join us in the College Sunday School classroom (in the Haven) for a few important reasons:

  1. Information. Get info on what is going on in the Youth Department each month.
  2. Anonymous Question Time. Many times we are embarrassed to ask for help. If your student is battling with you about coming to church, sneaking out at night or even drinking…the good news is that there are other parents who are dealing with the same challenges. The Fridge allows parents to get questions answered anonymously along with input from other parents. This is an open forum with facilitated conversation.
  3. Community. It takes a village to raise a child. The Fridge provides a way to for you to build friendships with other parents that will allow you to work together in raising students in loving relationships with Christ.

David Thompson, Student Pastor, leads The Fridge. Please contact him with any questions.