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Trinity West Homewood is a community where you belong. No matter your past, no matter what you look like, no matter where you live, no matter whether you have great faith or great doubt, no matter what…you belong with us because you belong to God. This vision shapes everything we are and do. We hope that by our devotion to Christ’s love for all, we can be real world-changers, beginning with our West Homewood neighbors.

Our spiritual community has prepared state-of-the-art facilities to adequately welcome you into our midst. As a parent, I am especially thankful for a congregation that bends over backwards to ensure a child’s safety and spiritual growth. Not only that, our worship space provides an intimate, quality feel I have never before experienced in a church setting.

Beyond our excellent building, the wonderful people of Trinity West Homewood teach me what church can truly look like. They are diverse yet united in love…faithful yet authentic…a close-knit group yet committed to moving outside their church walls. We don’t promise to be perfect, but we are driven in our sacred task of love for God and others.

No matter what, you belong to God, and you belong to us. I can’t wait for our paths to cross because who knows…the world might change in the process.

Rev. Matt Andrews


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  9:00 am  |  Worship

10:00 am  |  Community hour

11:00 am  |  Worship


914 Oak Grove Road, Homewood AL 35209

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