Getting Around Trinity

Entering from the South

If you enter through one of the south entrances from Oxmoor Rd., you will be on the second floor. The Sanctuary is on the west side of the building. Wesley Hall is in the middle of the building, and the Church Office is on the east side.

Entering from the Large Parking Lot

If you park in the large parking lot and enter from Clermont Rd. (the west side of the building), you can either enter through the breezeway, which will put you on the second floor right next to the sanctuary, or through the Welcome Center, which will put you on the first floor. From the Welcome Center, you can easily reach the Fellowship Hall and the Nursery. An elevator and stairs are just down the hall and to the left.

Entering from the Small Parking Lot

If you park in the small parking lot and enter from Seminole Rd. (the east side of the building) you will be on the first floor. From here you can easily reach Mouat Chapel, The Ark, and The Haven. The southeastern door from Seminole Rd. is also the easiest way to reach the church office. As you enter the door, simply take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor, and you will see the receptionist’s desk.

Finding the Nursery

The Nursery Suite is located on the ground level of the first floor. The Welcome Center entrance from the Large Parking lot leads to a hallway that passes the Kitchen, Fellowship Hall and then proceeds to the Nursery, which is located in the center of the main first floor hallway. (See First Floor map, Nursery highlighted in blue)


You are invited to take a 360 degree online tour of the Sanctuary and surrounding grounds. Please navigate the box below.

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