Trinity Columbarium

The Trinity Prayer Garden and Columbarium is designed to symbolize the stages of Christian life.

At the top of the stairs looking out over the garden, you can see these stages and imagine what the view might be like from eternity.  As you enter the garden from the east through the fountain area, you are reminded of God’s prevenient grace and your baptism – the entry into the Christian life. The Prayer Labyrinth represents your faith journey, with all of its twists and turns. It reminds us that sometimes when we feel farthest from God, we are still approaching the center, and sometimes when we feel closest, we still have a long way to go.

The columbarium reminds us of the Communion of the Saints. When you finish your journey, you take your place in a great cloud of witnesses to cheer on those who are still on the journey. Niches in the columbarium are available for current and former members of Trinity United Methodist Church and their immediate and extended families.

For more information, contact Laura Ellis in the church office at 879-1737.