Prayer Garden & Columbarium

Everyone is welcome to use the new Prayer Garden.
It is a sacred space for reflection, prayer and remembrance.
It’s use should respect this purpose.

Please use quiet voices in the garden and monitor children.

Children should be taught that this is not a playground and they should not run, pick up rocks or place items in the fountain. Remember, the Columbarium holds the remains of departed members; children should not climb on the walls.
(Instructions on how to walk the labyrinth are listed below.)

Symbolism of our Prayer Garden
The flowing water of the Fountain represents our baptism into Christ – in which the river of God’s grace covers us with forgiveness and fills us with the faith to begin our ministry in the world.

The winding pathway of the Labyrinth represents our daily walk with God.  It signifies that our salvation is a lifelong experience in which the Holy Spirit grants sanctifying grace to renew the image of God within us.

The holy resting spaces in our Columbarium represents those saints in our lives who have loved us and been leaders in our faith who presently enjoy the promise of our own eternal reward with God.

What is a Labyrinth?
There are many ways to describe a labyrinth. It is a path of prayer, a walking meditation, holy ground, a watering hole for the spirit and a mirror of the soul. It is a winding path…not a maze…that leads its way to the center. As you leave the center and walk the path, you will find yourself exiting where you entered.

How to Walk a Labyrinth
Entering:  Begin by sitting quietly to reflect, you may want to say a prayer or just slowly breathe in and breathe out at the entrance before you begin. The basic advice is to enter the labyrinth slowly, calmly and clear your mind. Some like to walk with their hands open as a reminder that you cannot turn things over to God or receive from God with a closed fist.

– Walking the inward path:  It is a time of sharing and releasing your worries and hurts to God, confessing your sins, and lifting others in prayer.  It is a time of unburdening…peeling the layers that inhibit you from being fully in the presence of God. Hear yourself breathe…the sound of your feet walking purposefully in union with God.  Pause if needed.  Feel free to step around someone if they need to stop.

– Arriving at the center:   This part of the journey is about being present to your innermost self and to the power of the divine. Be still and drink in the presence of God and listen. You may stand, sit, or kneel. Pause as long as your need to.  Others may arrive at the center at the same time.  That is not a sign for you to move on.

– Returning journey:  Is a time of giving thanks to God, continuing to listen, and focusing on what you will bring back into your life.

– Exiting:  Turn and face the entrance and acknowledge the ending of your walk with an “Amen” or something that comes to mind. Your walk may be joyous or somber.  The beauty of a Labyrinth is that each time you walk it there will be a different experience because of where you were during that moment in your life.


If you have questions about the Prayer Garden, or using the prayer labyrinth, please call 879-1737.


To purchase a Columbarium Niche or add a name to the Memorial Panel…

Niches in the Columbarium are available for current and former members of Trinity and their families. $3,200 each. Located inside the Columbarium, the Memorial Panel is limestone with names etched into the stone. $500 each.

The Prayer Garden and Columbarium is a completely self-funding project through the sale of Columbarium niches, memorials and contributions by interested persons.

Call 879-1737 for more information or to purchase.