Sermon Audio

Turning the Tables

February 16, 2020

As much as we would love for Ruth and Boaz's story to end just like all the star-crossed lovers we see in all of the "perfect movies," that's not how…

A Glimmer of Hope

February 9, 2020

As It Happened…

February 9, 2020
We rarely ever see it before it is presented before us. God is working behind the scenes and we don't even know it. After Ruth loses her husband and resides…

How do we choose the people we surround ourselves with? How do we choose to love the people that we love? Why do we keep carrying on in the midst…

Spiritual Gifts

January 26, 2020
God has given us all unique gifts for us to use to spread his love and grow his kingdom. When we work together, we tend to enjoy it more than…

Unclouded Day

January 19, 2020

When Paul prefers to not speak in tongues despite his spiritual gift for it, what does that say about how he uses his gift for the glory of God? He…


January 12, 2020

The Gifts He Gave

January 5, 2020

God’s Gift To Us

January 5, 2020
We are all carefully placed puzzle pieces in God's grand plan for the world. God has given us each a gift and a purpose for our lives, we just have…

Love Yo’ Self

January 5, 2020

The God Who Sends

December 29, 2019

The God Who Calls

December 22, 2019

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