Element Mission Statement

Our youth ministry exists to REACH non-believers for Christ, to CONNECT with other Christians, to GROW in our faith, to SERVE those in need, and to HONOR God with our lives.


The first part of our mission within Element Student Ministry is to REACH non-believers for Christ.  We realize that being a teenager is tough, and being a teenager without Christ is even tougher.  Our goal is through relational ministry to help non-believers see that there is something different about us.  Something that they see by our actions not just by our words.


The second part of our mission is to CONNECT with other Christians.  We do this through all the activities that we have going on here at Element.  Our mission is to show that Christians can have fun and that you are not missing out on life by being a Christian.  Instead that you are truly missing out on life by not being a Christian.


Personal spiritual growth is a very important part of being a Christian.  Our hope is to challenge students daily to grow in their faith, to take their faith seriously and apply it to all areas of their life.  Our goal is to make discipleship an important priority.


We HONOR God through worship. Our goal here at Element Student Ministry is to Honor God though many different ways of worship.  Whether it is through music, drama, Bible study or experiences, when we keep God the focus He gets the glory.


The Great Commission tells us that we are to “go and make disciples.” At Element we do this through our multiple mission opportunities throughout the year.